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Two Forces Combined

Acupuncture has been a thriving and evolving form of successful healthcare for over 3,000 years. Through the insertion of needles in specific locations on the body one can balance the flow of energy within you. This energy is your life force, it’s referred to as Qi and flows through your body down channels, or pathways. You can think of them as energetic rivers; the same way rivers and streams divide on earth supplementing and feeding the intricate system it exists within. This makes sense after all; everything is energy.

In ancient China one would pay their acupuncturists to keep them from getting sick, verses visiting the doctor when one became ill. Quite a difference from the mentality we have adopted in the western world. Yet there was no fast food, genetically modified food, and a culture that focused on balancing the body through diet and herbs thrived. Another very specific and important aspect is the incorporation of emotions. In theory illness is derived from emotions, and certain imbalances can trigger certain emotions. There is no separation of the body, spirit and mind in Chinese medicine. Again you have a drastic difference from what the western world has created. No one can deny the positive benefits of treatments such as surgery and antibiotics when truly needed, but so much could be avoided if we properly cared for our minds, bodies, and souls on a daily basis.

   Think of the positive ramifications if these two forces truly combined; Easter and Western medicinal practices working hand in hand. Re-imagine healthcare, re-imagine your health, the following is a list of just a few things acupuncture successfully treats: addiction, anxiety, asthma, depression, digestive issues, fatigue, fertility, headaches, low back pain, menopause, PMS, sleep disturbances, vomiting, stress, tonsillitis, incontinence, pneumonia, reproductive problems, common cold, carpal tunnel syndrome, smoking cessation, arthritis, etc… 

Next time you have an issue do something different if you haven’t already, you never know how it could change your life!

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