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s ā h . k ā  . r ā
sanskrit; having hands; full of rays; with form; physical manifestation of hopes and intentions; 
a sacred place; origin; ceremony

SAHKARA is a Holistic Medicine practice dedicated to the rebalancing and cultivation of body, mind, and spirit. The heart of SAHKARA is authentically progressive; addressing the past, present, and future to heal. Eastern and Western diagnostics are utilized, advocating multi-modality healing and preventative treatments for the modern family. Ancient practices and modern research are applied to the individual based on their unique constitution, lifestyle, and goals. Thus every treatment is tailored to the individual. Everyone is welcome, from pediatrics to the senior community, every ailment, from depression to back pain. At SAHKARA we begin at the origin, addressing ailments in the present, thus strengthening the future one treatment at a time.


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