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Moxabustion, also referred to as Moxa, is an external thermal treatment that addresses multiple layers of tissue, from the exterior skin to deep muscle layers. There are three types of application that are commonly used; indirect, direct cone, and rice grain. On occasion an insulated base, such as salt, ginger, aconite, or garlic, may be used during a topical application Moxa treatment. The herb used solely for Moxa is Ai Ye, also known as Artemisa Vulgaris, or Mugwort. 


Moxabustion is able to travel through all the meridians within the body, thus is clearing and rejuvenating. It regulates Qi and Blood, is warming and nourishing, and can treat a wide range of complaints from knee pain to gynecological issues. In addition it helps maintain strong immunity and prevents diseases.


“Where the needle does not work, Moxabustion does.”

-Ling Shu Guan Neng

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